November 24, 2009


"They did a great job following the book and syncing it all together - kudos!" - sandscheng

"I know it wasn't the best or most brilliant movie in existence. I think if you go in with the expectation that it will be exactly like the book you will be disappointed, but if you realize that it has to be adapted to make it more visually pleasing and appealing to a larger audience, you will enjoy it. Basically just as faithful to its book as most other movie adaptations are." - satrrebelle

"This was far and away a much better film than the first. So, a great improvement, but still plenty of room for more. With the addition of director David Slade, on board for the third film, there is a very strong chance that those further improvements will be made." - bryan lomax

"I can't believe this movie has such low reviews! I'm gonna help it out a little, because there is no freaking way I'm going to let Twilight have a higher rating because this movie improved on the first one A LOT!" - kartman60

"It stayed completely faithful to the book, there isn't one thing in the book that the movie missed out, as a twilight fan i appreciate that! Catherine seemed to miss out on some of the things use 'twilighters' loved the most in the book!" - amyj

"The second was better than the first and I have high expectations that it will continue to improve with each one, as the characters fall into themselves more and become more experienced and comfortable with the roles. The acting is good, not great..some room for improvement." - lisalamy

"It still has its cheesy moments, but that can be expected (i mean just read the books) but it's nothing compared to Twilight. The writing is so much better, the acting, the fact that this movie has color, the score, pretty much everything is 100% better." - kaslesinthesky

"Chris Weitz did a great job especially with the effects, this film was so much closer to the book then Twilight was which made a huge difference for me. Some scenes were changed but you have to expect that, they cannot make it exactly like the novel, if you read the books you have to realize it would take a lot of money and be quite difficult to make these movies identical to them." - khae1031

"It's not a movie meant to contend for an Oscar, and I believe we should stop judging it as such. Enjoy it for what it is: a lovely little movie that makes you feel nice and tingly inside." - jess-somers

"I thought that Twilight was good but not great. In my opinion New Moon was way more dramatic then Twilight and the acting was a lot more advanced." - bexter

"New Moon. So different to twilight.Loved the music, the camera angles, EVERYTHING!" - cristobal_0296

"I saw New Moon yesterday and really loved it. It's not a 10, but I felt like I had to give the movie such a high grade, as so many people give it a 1 (Really?!). It must be only because people waited for it for such a long time and had such high expectations." - cleo1984

"The film is fantastically faithful to the book. There's a lot more to enjoy here than in the first installment." - TE

"Conclusion: If you are a fan and if you're able to ignore all the bad things you've heard, go have a look for yourself and you'll be glad you did. If you're expecting an action-packed Vampire-Werewolf clash, stay home and rent Underworld." - peeske_de_smale

(source: IMDb)

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